{Foodie Double-Header} SF Food Swap and Food Bloggers

Part of my passion for food stems from the sense of community it creates.  It’s a glue that can bring people together, and take a normal day and make it a celebration.   I love that something that nourishes us physically also nourishes our soul, our relationships, and our sense of connection and community.

Yesterday, I had a massive scheduling conflict.  There were three – THREE – food-related events I wanted to go to in the same night.  I postponed Bachelor #1  – food photography class, I’ll see you another time.  However, if I timed it right, I could make it to the other two events.  Much like Charlotte in Sex in the City when she had two dates in one night, I couldn’t help but wonder – how am I going to eat two dinners?  (Answer – drink the second dinner).  Here’s a recap of my night.

SF Food Swappers

I honestly don’t remember how I came across SF Food Swappers – I think I might have just done a google search for food swapping in San Francisco to find other people who are into preserving and urban homesteading.  This was my first time attending one of their events, and it was really fun.  At a food swap, people bring homemade foodstuffs, and trade them for other people’s in an informal bartering session.  Here’s how it works.

Each person sets up a station to set up their goods, with samples for people to try. I brought an assortment of jams for trade – Pineapple, Vanilla Peach, Spiced Peach, and Nectarine Plum Ginger.

For a little under an hour, people mingle and taste each other’s treats. There were some really interesting things there – homemade truffles, assortments of jams and sauces, heirloom tomato bisque, salsas and BBQ sauces, and even fresh pulled chicken and bacon jam (no joke, didn’t try it though)!

Then, at a specified time, the bidding begins. Each person has a sign up sheet for their food, and if you want a certain item you write your name and what you are willing trade for it. When the bidding closes, the craziness ensues. If there’s something you want, you quickly hunt down the maker and attempt a swap. The swapping goes quickly, probably in under ten minutes.  Sometimes you win (yes, fresh yogurt!), sometimes you lose (boo, no chocolate truffles).

Here’s what I got for six jars of jam: chili-infused vodka, homemade granola, assorted sprouts, yogurt made fresh that day, bourbon caramel sauce, and lavender-chocolate macaroons (in the bag).

Lucky me, I had a delicious breakfast this morning – Homemade granola with fresh yogurt, a pear from my dad’s garden, and a drizzle of my vanilla peach jam. I took a picture of my empty bowl, and then had a second helping.

SF Food Bloggers Meetup

Thankfully, the swap ended a half hour early, so I actually wasn’t all that late for my second date – the SF Food Bloggers Meetup at Tres Agaves in SoMa.  Dilemma – I was so full from all the sampling (and potluck) at the food swap that unfortunately there wasn’t room for a real meal.   Solution – drink a fantastic margarita for my second dinner, and enjoy a few bites of some great desserts (rice pudding cheesecake?!  Tastes as interesting as it sounds).

I was really excited to meet this group to see what other food bloggers are doing in the city, and learn a few things – because I consider myself a newbie in this arena.  However, talking with another blogger I realized that this is actually my fourth blog!

I keep a photo-a-day journal when I’m traveling, which ends up being several times a year.  In the past, I’ve kept a blog about the summer I spent in Tanzania and the nine months I spent backpacking across Europe.  However, this blog feels different because it’s about food and life instead of travel, and I’m writing with much more regularity,  intention, and for an audience wider than people who know me in real life.

I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed a meetup group as much as this one.  The conversation was all over the place, but it was really fun to talk with people who are passionate about food (all for different reasons), how they share that passion, and the different roles it plays in their lives and where it has taken them.  I got some great tips for the blog and am excited to meet up with this group again.

One of the reasons I love food so much is the communal aspect of it.  Both of these events connected me with other people with a passion for good food, and introduced me to two new food communities.  It was a good night.


2 thoughts on “{Foodie Double-Header} SF Food Swap and Food Bloggers

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