{Dinner in 10 Minutes} Teriyaki Tofu Tacos

This was a totally impromptu meal, made of random things in my fridge.  But sometimes those are oddly satisfying.

I was just going to have a plate of sautéed collard greens with soy sauce and toasted sesame seeds. This is hands-down my favorite way to prepare collard greens – there was a phase in my life where I ate it every day.  Literally.  I didn’t have any aspirations for a fancy meal, let alone one I would blog about.

Opening my fridge to pull out the collards, a few things hanging out in my fridge caught my eye and gave me an idea for a pretty awesome meal.  During a recent supermarket sweep-style trip to Trader Joe’s where I added anything to my cart that looked good, I picked up three items that used to be staples in my kitchen about five years ago but haven’t been seen in a long time: corn tortillas, teriyaki baked tofu, and red pepper spread with and garlic.

How did I forget how awesome these three products are?  The spread can be added to almost anything (sandwiches, eggs, pasta, stir fries) to make it more delicious.  The teriyaki baked tofu has a satisfying density and is great to make sandwiches with or add to a stir fry.  And a tofu scramble in a corn tortilla – hello, where have you been?

Believe it or not, I have a hard time keeping a well-stocked fridge.  I live alone, so only buy what I need – so at the end of the week, things get pretty sparse.  And you know I love to make things from scratch.

I’m glad I forced myself to stock up, even though it went against my natural inclination to only buy what I needed for that week.  Having these ready-made items in my fridge meant that I had a great meal in under 10 minutes.  Believe it or not, I tend to get stuck in food ruts.  These little extras hanging out in my fridge gave me some needed inspiration.

What are your go-to store-bought items that add some pizzaz to your cooking?


Teriyaki Tofu Tacos

Print, email, or text the recipe here.

Serves 1 


3-4 stalks collard greens, chopped

olive oil (or toasted sesame oil)

soy sauce

1/2 piece teriyaki baked tofu, chopped

1 corn tortilla

1 tablespoon Trader Joe’s red pepper spread with eggplant and garlic

toasted sunflower seeds

1/4 avocado, chopped


Heat olive oil in a skillet.  De-stem the collard greens and dice finely.  Add to the skillet and cook for 2 minutes until bright green.  Chop up the leaves and add to the skillet, cook another 2 minutes.  Sprinkle with soy sauce and cook for another 2 minutes – some of the leaves should turn crispy.  Add the tofu and cook until heated, about 2 minutes.

Heat corn tortilla.  Smear on the red pepper spread, and add the collard greens and tofu.  Top with avocado and sunflower seeds.

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6 thoughts on “{Dinner in 10 Minutes} Teriyaki Tofu Tacos

  1. Do you have any recipe ideas for people who don’t usually eat tofu? My boyfriend bought some on a whim but we have no idea what to do with it…it’s a texture that kinda weirds me out but I want to try it.

    • When you stop to think about it, tofu is a little weird looking. When you’re used to it, you don’t really notice! 🙂 To get around the texture issue, you could either try baking it (which would make it much more firm and dense), or blend it to make something creamy (dressings, sauces, smoothies). I really love tofu scrambles, which resemble scrambled eggs (just mash up the tofu with a fork, add some spices and add it to cooked veggies). I made a really good curry last night with tofu (post to come) where I fried the tofu first to give it a little crunch. If you’re interested in any of these ideas but not sure where to start, let me know and I’ll do some recipe testing for you!

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