{Preserving Primer} Need to Have vs. Nice to Have

Canning supplies labelled jar lifter big pot funnel lid wand canning rack


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7 thoughts on “{Preserving Primer} Need to Have vs. Nice to Have

    • I like the Workshop classes, and they’re pretty affordable. I’ve taken a couple at this point and would recommend them. The instructors really want you to learn and for it to be relevant to you, so generally tailor the class to what the students want to learn. Canning is definitely something you could teach yourself, but it’s nice having someone teach it to you. I think I was a lot more confident the first time I canned after taking the class than I would have been if I’d done it simply by reading about it. I don’t think they’re offering any jam classes in the near future, but have offered some pickling ones recently. Let me know if you give it a try! PS Welcome to SF!

      • I was thinking about taking the screen printing class, just to learn a fun new skill but what I am really looking for is a good cheese making class, which I don’t think they are offering right now. I have tried ricotta and mozzarella but I am a little scared to jump into aging cheeses without a little instruction. Something about the idea of having dairy sit out for weeks seems like it could use some professional expertise…

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