{Miss Figgy Makes Jam} Peppered Balsamic Fig Jam

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19 thoughts on “{Miss Figgy Makes Jam} Peppered Balsamic Fig Jam

  1. Another use for this jam (that I can personally attest to being fantastic) is Thomas Keller’s balsamic fig jam stuffed roast pork loin from his Ad Hoc cookbook, though you can find the recipe online with a quick google. Anyway, new to your blog but really enjoying it!

    • I completely forgot that when I was first coming up with this jam recipe I looked at Ad Hoc! I’m sure it’s good with roast pork loin, I’ll definitely add that to the list of recommendations for using the jam! I feel like it might be good with duck, too (but being veggie that’s a wild guess!).

  2. This looks absolutely amazing. I’m just recently getting into jams and preserves and I’m definitely going to give this recipe a try! Have you ever used a bread machine for jam? There’s a jam setting on mine and I didn’t think much of it, but now I’m wondering if I should give it a shot…

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    • I’ve never tried this recipe with dried figs. There are recipes out there using dried figs, I don’t have any that I’ve tried because I’ve always used fresh. If you find one, let me know. Good luck!

    • General canning rule of thumb is to use bottled lemon juice. Lemons can vary in their level of acidity, so using bottled juice guarantees that you achieve the right pH balance for the food to be shelf-stable. I sometimes use fresh lemons if I have them, and when I do I add extra juice to be on the safe side. Happy canning!

  7. Thank you so much for the amazing recipe. I’ve been making jam for over 50 yrs and this is the best!I made half batch to try and today made the full batch. Our Costco warehouse had frozen figs on sale and I used them to make the jam.I tried it on honey flavoured greek yogurt and it was to die for. Had it on toast this morning and can’t wait to try it with a brie or goat cheese.I

  8. This is fantastic jam. I have a fig tree and have made many varieties of fig jam. This tops them all. Not too sweet at all. Depth from the balsamic and the pepper, but they don’t dominate. This has completely revived my interest in figs. Thank you.

  9. I made your fig jam last night and it was fabulous! My question is can I substitute apple juice for the sugar in the recipe and it set up okay? I have a garden and can lots of veggies but really never did jams due to the sugar but saw your recipe and being a fig fanatic had to try it. I want to do another batch without sugar and would love to hear your suggestions ! I really have enjoyed your site and it has me wanting to make some of your unique jams!

    • So glad you like it! I’ve never made jam without sugar, because I know it’s critical to create the “set” of the jam. My jam recipes are lower in sugar than most, but it’s still a lot of sugar – which I agree kind of freaks me out too! The best advice I can give is to read the chapter on sweeteners in the Ball Complete Book to Canning; it will give you some suggestions for alternatives. Let me know how it turns out!

      • I substituted 2/3 cup organic apple juice for the sugar and 2 T pectin and not turned out great! Thanks for this wonderful recipe!

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