{My First Pickle} Sweet and Sour Pickled Red Onions

Last year, my first year canning, I completely focused on jam.  My father’s trees kept me busy throughout the fall making fig and pear jam.

As fall turned to winter, my canner gathered dust while life carried on and my attention went to other activities – holidays, travel, moving, work.  But as winter turned to spring, I started getting the itch to can again.  It felt like I had so long to wait until it was canning season again.

I was counting the days until the release of Food in Jars, written by my favoring canning blog of the same name.  In June,I went to the book signing at Omivore Books in San Francisco and got to meet the author, Marisa.  She brought a jar of pickled onions, something I’d been thinking of trying, along with brie cheese and french bread.  I took a bite and almost swooned.  These sweet and sour pickles are a perfect complement to creamy cheese.

I went home and made a batch for myself, using Marisa’s beautiful cookbook.  It was fun canning something that wasn’t jam – and helped tide me over until jamming season.

These pickles come together so easily.  Cook the onions for a few minutes and drain, boil the brine, pack the onions in jars, pour in the brine, process the jars, and you’re done!  Chopping the onions is probably the most labor intensive part.

Food in Jars author Marisa posted a delicious looking sandwich with them on her blog.  I’ve tossed these onions in salad, put them on a cheese plate, had them on veggie burgers, and sprinkled them on flatbread (recipe to come).  I’m sure I’ll find several more uses for them.

You can find the recipe for these tasty little gems over at Food in Jars.

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10 thoughts on “{My First Pickle} Sweet and Sour Pickled Red Onions

    • Love is more like it! People are very impressed when I serve it and say that I made it. I’m posting a recipe soon that uses them on a flatbread with brie (inspired by eating it at your book signing) – I’ll let you know when it’s up!

    • You should! These are really easy and totally impress people. They are also delicious tossed in a salad with some goat cheese and fruit (peaches, apples). Let me know if you give them a try.

  1. Wow, Martine! I am mightily impressed by your blog. I love your practice of 30-day challenges/exercises/discipline, etc. I am inspired….now the problem is to follow through. Thanks…. Love, Aunt C.

    • Thanks! Keeping a calendar that you can use to check off each day really helps me. And truthfully, writing about it in a public space REALLY pushes me to do it! Take care.

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