{How to Eat Jam} Triple Almond Fig Crumble Squares

This may come as a surprise, but I don’t really like jam that much.  Kind of like baking, I enjoy the process of making it and the act of giving it.  But I’m not really a jam on toast for breakfast kind of person.

I give most of my jam away, but I do try to find ways to use it, since I went to all that trouble to make it.  So periodically, I’ll share recipes with you that use preserves I’ve made in this series How to Eat Jam.

The first batch of jam that started it all – balsamic fig jam from dad’s trees.

You don’t need homemade preserves for these recipes; store-bought is fine.  But if you happen to have some open jars of jam in the fridge that might be going to waste (they do go bad after being opened; homemade jams last about a month in the fridge), give one of these recipes a try.  Food in Jars also is a great resource for different ways to use preserves.

I found this recipe for Triple Almond Cherry Crumble Squares at Oh She Glows.  It’s triple almond flavor comes from almond flour (making it naturally gluten-free), almond extract and almond butter.  I thought my Peppered Balsamic Fig Jam would be a perfect match for all that almond flavor.

One cup of jam didn’t seem like enough, so I ended up using about one cup of jam and one cup of left-over balsamic fig sauce from my Jammy Balsamic Fig Cornmeal Pizzas.  So if you don’t have jam on hand, you could whip up a batch of this sauce and use it in place of jam in the recipe (you might want to add a little extra sugar).  The other change I made was to use gluten-free baking mix in place of the rice flour, because that’s what I have in my cupboard.

It’s an easy dessert to make.  Mix the dry ingredients, mix the wet ingredients, and combine to make the crust/crumble.  Reserve some extra to crumble on top, and press the rest into a lined baking pan.  Pierce a few holes in the crust and blind bake for 8 minutes.  Spread on the jam, sprinkle on the crumble, and bake again until golden brown.  I actually over-baked mine waiting for the crumb to turn golden brown, so follow the instructions for time in the recipe.

I have horrible lighting in my apartment at night, so forgive the quality of the pictures.  I promise it’s really delicious.  Like a fancy fig newton with a strong almond flavor.

It’s even more delicious heated up with some coconut milk vanilla ice cream.

Head on over to Oh She Glows for the recipe.



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