{Crafty} Contact paper chalkboard


Black contact paper chalkboard to write a menu or list

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15 thoughts on “{Crafty} Contact paper chalkboard

  1. That looks soooo good! The look reminds me of a chalkboard menu at a restaurant that changes its menu daily… a restaurant I would want to eat at.

  2. So, what do you write with? Chalk, or something else? Think I could do this on my kitchen wall so I don’t forget to do the things you ask me to do? Your Dad!

    • Regular chalk – isn’t it crazy?! So easy and useful. I like your idea – I’m going to contact paper a whole wall next time I come home. Thanks again for helping me contact paper my kitchen Dad, you’re the best!

    • If you don’t have a spare piece of wall to contact-paper, you could also buy a small piece of wood and paint it with chalkboard paint. I had a friend who did this and mounted it on her wall, and it looked super cute (and functional).

  3. Snap, Martine that is adorable! I will use my ALL CAPS to say THAT IS AN AWESOME CHALKBOARD! Keep on rocking it, my favorite blogger!

    • I should note that no one has ever sent me a comment in ALL CAPS before – I just imagine that happening when someone tries to bake a cake and it collapses in the center, or some other such conundrum. I like happy CAPS – thanks Amy!

  4. Love it! I did something similar in my room in SF. Think you saw it? I originally went with contact paper, but unfortunately the wall wasn’t smooth enough to post, so I measured the space, went to the hardware store and had plywood cut, and then painted it with chalkboard paint. I used it as a place to visualize in words and drawings my dreams, and it was fantastic! Keep up the great tips, Martine!

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